If there’s one thing in the world that matters, it’s being healthy. Without being in top shape, we don’t accomplish anything good, we don’t complete our daily activities. So, to ensure our well-being, we need to do all kinds of physical activities, be careful what we eat and, in some cases, see a doctor.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is now possible to keep up to date with medical news on the Internet. Just visit the specialized health sites and the various discussion blogs to share experiences, tips and practical advice. Following the live broadcasted newspapers gives us the advantage of being able to acquire new and useful knowledge in the field of health. They also inform us about technological innovations that can change our entire lives.

Natural & Organic Medicine

Natural medicine, also known as unconventional medicine, is a treatment process using organic natural products. It has its origins in ancient traditions such as the practice of herbal medicine, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine. The benefits of traditional medicine are numerous. Indeed, this method is reputed to be effective thanks to years of experimentation.

Many patients today choose to use this type of treatment. Statistics even prove that natural medicine persists and is more appreciated compared to the modern method. There is a wide variety of natural medicine. But in general, they can be classified into different groups. First of all, there is energetic medicine, which includes acupuncture, qi gong or shiatsu. This practice is based on the vital flow (also called prana in Indian, ki in Japanese or qi in Chinese). In principle, this flow represents the normal circulation of energy in the body, in case of illness, it must be rebalanced. Then, let us mention homeopathy where the treatment is done by the administration of a substance that is supposed to promote the natural healing process.

There is also osteopathy. Osteopaths work on the principle that a dysfunction in one part of the body always leads to harmful effects on others. The technique used in this manual medicine consists of stimulating specific areas to act on this or that organ. Phytotherapy, on the other hand, is one of the ancient methods. It encompasses care techniques using plant extracts and other natural active ingredients. The content of the medicines can be in various forms such as herbal tea, powders and capsules, but also hydroalcoholic extracts of fresh plants. There is also a method called chiropractic, or chiropractic. In this process, the chiropractor acknowledges the human body’s ability to heal itself. Advice focuses on physical and nutritional exercises, postural analysis and chiropractic adjustments.

Let’s also distinguish the variety of hypnosis care. This technique aims to produce an artificial state of consciousness in order to reach the patient’s unconscious to heal his ailments. In this category of treatment, there is also psychic surgery, Tepee or Tummo which is a form of Tibetan meditation for therapeutic purposes.

Finally, balneotherapy is close to the method of thermalism since it uses water and baths and counts on their benefits to cure a disease.

Conventional treatments

Despite the success of alternative medicine, there are still many areas in which it cannot replace conventional medicine. This is the case, among others, for diseases that require surgery. Conventional treatments, as opposed to natural care, are aimed primarily at acting on the symptoms, not on the source of discomfort. Often contested because of the aggressiveness of the processes used, conventional medicine effectively helps to fight infections, genetically rare diseases and allergies. It is constantly progressing and sometimes succeeds in doing the impossible (open-heart surgery, organ transplants, reconstructive surgery, etc.).

In short, alternative medicine has proven itself. It is less invasive than modern medicine and its effectiveness is proven. Thanks to it, man has been able to reconcile himself with nature and get to the very root of his diseases. However, classical treatments are more interesting in case of emergency or body deformities.