Advanced Imaging Solutions for Research Laboratories

Advanced Imaging Solutions for Research Laboratories

In order to efficiently support research laboratories in their clinical trials, QuantifiCare has developed an all-in-one formula to facilitate the process of evaluating the reliability of treatments. Discover 3D imaging system.
Within the framework of CRO (contract research organisation) contracts, QuantifiCare offers concrete solutions to optimize your clinical trial.

The simplicity of a follow-up at each step

QuantifiCare is first of all a tailor-made support: from the very beginning of the test, precise objectives are defined and procedures adapted to the specificities of each laboratory are set up.
To ensure a smooth and reactive operation, we call upon a team with multiple skills that will cover all aspects of your clinical trial.
This targeted support will continue throughout the study: advice, regular image quality controls and real-time monitoring of the recovered data will allow us to monitor the progress of the process as closely as possible.
QuantifiCare also ensures the constitution of an expert committee at the end of the trial, which certifies an objective examination of the effectiveness of the treatments.

State-of-the-art tools

Our entire range of 2D and 3D cameras allows us to capture high quality reproducible images in standard formats (FDA and EMA approved). These images provide a reliable basis for researchers, experts or technicians who are required to use them, who are thus able to establish reliable and objective conclusions. These state-of-the-art tools are also combined with highly efficient analysis software so that all stages of the trial are clearly documented.

QuantifiCare thus offers a complete, cutting-edge, adapted and efficient formula for research laboratories. Thanks to this all-in-one support, you will not only need fewer subjects, but your clinical trial will also take less time and your treatments can be brought to market more quickly.