Opt for organic food

A product is considered organic when grown without pesticides, chemical herbicides, artificial fertilizers or preservatives, and instead focuses on more natural production methods. To satisfy the population, you can choose to open a restaurant with organic cuisine. Riccardo Giraudi . A certified organic product ensures that its cultivation was made without pesticides and is not irradiated.

Organic food for health

For our health and that of our children because organic products are devoid of chemical residues.  We can therefore eat organic fruits and vegetables without peeling them, without danger.  The interest is all the greater as we now know that it is under the skin that concentrates vitamins and minerals. They are also endowed with a nutritional quality superior to 30% compared to products coming from the conventional agriculture. In summary: more antioxidant vitamins and minerals in organic fruits, vegetables and cereals, less fat in organic meats and higher quality fatty acids in organic oils and eggs. Organic farming respects nature and promotes biodiversity by choosing plant varieties and animal species adapted to the terroirs. Unlike intensive agriculture that pollutes groundwater with chemical fertilizers, which decimates bees with pesticides …

eat organic food

Many people do not eat organic because they are convinced that it is expensive. So, of course, organic farming requires more work, more time and more manpower, but that does not mean organic products are expensive. Of course, prices remain higher than conventional agriculture products, but organic products are becoming more affordable over the years. In fact, at present organic farming benefits from a certain number of subsidies, which makes it possible to lower the prices of products in the store. If some specialty stores have taken advantage of the boom in Bio to sell their very expensive products, you will find good quality products at much more affordable prices in supermarkets that have not been able to withstand strong customer demand. So no, eating organic is not just for the rich. Today, almost everyone can eat organic foods. Most supermarkets even offer organic private labels so that low-income families can still have a healthy diet.

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